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Union Machinery Checklist

    Operator's Daily Checklist

    Check Each item Before Start of Each Shift

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    Check each of the following items before the start of each shift. Notify your supervisor and/or maintenance department know of any problem with your equipment. DO NOT OPERATE A MALFUNCTIONING TRUCK.

    Please review the list below and mark each item accordingly. Please provide any additional explanation as neccessary.



    Visual Checks

    Forks: bent, worn, stops, forklocks OK

    Load Back Rest: bent, cracked, loose, missing

    Tires/Wheels: wear, damage, nuts tight

    Engine Oil: level, dirty, leaks

    Hydraulic Oil: level, dirty, leaks

    Radiator: fluid level, dirty, leaks

    Fuel: level, leaks

    Battery: connections loose, charging, electrolyte level

    Covers/Sheet metal: damaged, missing

    Overhead Guard: bent, cracked, loose, missing

    Warning Decals/Operators Manual: missing not readable.

    Operator Restraint: damage, mounting, operation, oily, dirty.

    Data Plate: not readable, missing

    Gauges/Instruments: damage, operation.

    Brakes: linkage loose, reservoir fluid level, leaks

    Head/Tail/Working Lights: damage, mounting, operation



    Operational Checks

    Horn Operation

    Service Brake: linkage, loose/binding, stops OK, grab

    Parking Brake: loose/binding operational, adjustment.

    Seat Brake (if equipped): loose/binding, operational adjustment.

    Mast: Smooth lifting and lowering, smooth roller rotation, wear or damage to chains, wear or damage to mast rails.

    Tilt: loose/binding, excessive drift, "chatters", leaks.

    Carriage and Attachments: mounting, damaged, operation, leaks.

    Control Levers: loose/binding, freely return to neutral.

    Battery Test (electric trucks only): Indicator showing fully charged while holding full forward tilt. Directional Control: loose/binding, find neutral OK.

    Directional Control: loose/binding, find neutral OK.

    Engine: runs rough, noisy, leaks.

    Steering: loose/binding, leaks, operation

    Warning Lights (if equipped): mounting, operation.

    Backup Alarm (if equipped) mounting, operation.

    Additional Explanations of problems marked above