Unicarriers Forklifts

Good Earth Tools Checklist

    Operator's Daily Checklist

    Check Each item Before Start of Each Shift

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    Check each of the following items before the start of each shift. Notify your supervisor and/or maintenance department know of any problem with your equipment. DO NOT OPERATE A MALFUNCTIONING TRUCK.

    Please review the list below and mark each item accordingly. Please provide any additional explanation as neccessary.
    All the following check items are required.

    Tasks Checks




    Hydraulics (lift cylinder & lift chains)

    Propane (safety strap, shut off and turn on valve)

    Mast (Damage, Fork locking pin, left and right fork)

    Carriage (overhead guard, seat and seat belt)

    Fork Controls (tilt, lifting, shift)

    Operating to expectation (forward and reverse driving, brake, parking brake, horn, lights, back up alarm, guages)

    Items needing repair or notes

    Name of Inspector