Glen Corlett, President, Union Machinery

This guy knows forklifts – He has been in the biz for over 45 years!
Glen was raised in Cincinnati OH, graduated from Hanover College and spent some time in the Air Force. This is when he began his sales career. He was employed by Scott paper company as a sales representative. He had an uncle in the material handling industry – they made a couple calls to a sister dealership and Glen was sold on the idea of selling forklifts! He started as a salesman at a local dealership and worked up the ranks to regional sales manager for a forklift manufacturer. In 1992, he decided that he wanted to start his own company and on February 21, 1993 Glen opened Union Machinery with a few forklifts and a positive attitude! He wanted to take care of customers with his “Customer First” mindset.
Glen has been married to Joan for 48 years! They are members of St Mark Presbyterian Church in
Chesterfield where Glen leads a weekly bible study. They have 2 children – Jessica, who is a Presbyterian minister in a suburb of Chicago and Kevin who works for an IT firm in Belleville, IL. They also have 2 very energetic grandsons that they love to spend time with.
Glen’s hobbies include golfing, fishing and selling forklifts
Q & A
What do you love most about Union Machinery?
The people! Most of his employees have been with him for a long time. Glen loves watching his
employees grow, learn and succeed. He also still gets a thrill out of closings sales!
What is the secret to sales?
Putting the customer first is the key to keeping them, and it leads to new sales through referrals. The hardest thing to find is a customer, so when we get them we do everything we can to keep them.
What is your favorite forklift?
The Electric forklifts are the best. Glen started his career selling Electric lifts, and he likes the idea of minimal maintenance and the advantages over LP.
What do you see in the future for the forklift industry?
The forklift industry is going to keep consolidating – meaning there will be less distinctions between the forklift brands. Salespeople will need to focus more on selling themselves and their dealership versus the forklift they are selling.